Urimat Service




We offer our customers in Switzerland the following services to ensure optimal operation of URIMAT waterless urinal systems.

full-service subscription

With the URIMAT full-service subscription, we guarantee the timely replacement of MB-ActiveTraps, as well as thorough maintenance of the URIMAT systems including rinsing of drain pipes. As part of the URIMAT full-service subscription, our service technicians will carry out periodic, unsolicited service work on site over the course of the year, as agreed. 

The URIMAT full-service subscription includes the following services:

  • Getting there
  • Time requirements for service work
  • Cleaning the URIMAT systems
  • Pipe rinsing
  • Replacement of odour trap inserts MB-ActiveTrap, including materials
  • Functional checks of URIMAT systems
  • Accessories, e.g. cleaning agents can be obtained directly by the service team on site, with no postage costs

supply agreement

URIMAT Schweiz AG offers the URIMAT supply agreement to enable you to focus fully on your day-to-day business. Without the need to worry about ordering URIMAT accessories, we will deliver a year’s supply of MB-ActiveTraps in a single annual delivery at special rates, unsolicited, on time and with no delivery costs. 

The URIMAT supply agreement includes the following services: 

  • Year’s supply of MB-ActiveTraps 
  • Detailed instructions for self-replacement 
  • Disposable gloves 
  • MB-ActiveTrap handle for removing used inserts 
  • Free delivery